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NBC’s Biggest Loser Finalist Joe Ostaszewski is ‘Riding It Forward’

…inspiring children and families across this great Nation to live Active Healthy Lives. The Wear Your Soul Team has partnered with the National 4-H Council, together they will Empower children and their families with the tools and programs they will need to become ‘Change Agents’ in the fight against Childhood Obesity. You can join Joe with a commitment to bike, run, walk or exercise a certain number of miles yourself. Together, we can match Joe’s miles to show our collective commitment to healthy living. Match Joe’s Miles HERE!



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We want to tell the story of how it feels being an “Overweight Child” in America.

Our dream is that every child is empowered with the tools and programs they need to become the “Change Agents’ in the fight against childhood obesity. Through the eyes of the children we hope to create the spark that will change the lives of  thousands. Joe, the Wear Your Soul Project Team and our partners will show how small changes in a child’s lifestyle could forever change the life of a CHILD, a COUNTRY, and the WORLD.


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